The Idea

Internationally renowned and successful perfumeries are breaking new ground in finding a balance in their product range between the big luxury brands on the one hand and exciting niche brands on the other. For our partners in the retail sector, we are therefore an important alternative, on the one hand, to escape the economic pressures of large corporations and, at the same time, to position ourselves with exciting new brands in line with the spirit of the times for a young and discerning generation of buyers. Atout Cosmetics’ portfolio, which has now grown to around 30 brands, covers all beauty areas from skin, body, and hair care to fragrance, makeup, and sun care. These fine and luxurious brands come from all over the world – mainly from the USA, Australia, UK, France, and Sweden and are distributed by us exclusively in the authorized countries.

Our Retail Customers

On the stationary side, we are represented in the major doors of the 3 major European retailers, the important luxury department stores in the DACH region, and above all in selected owner-operated perfumeries in the metropolitan regions. Also of increasing importance for our brands are trend-setting pharmacies and concept stores. Depending on the brand, we maintain intensive relationships with the E-commerce retailers that are important for niche brands, either as suppliers (B2B) or marketplace participants (B2C).

Our Brand Partners

In the DACH region, we are the exclusive distributor for all brands in our portfolio. The selection criteria for the brands include their uniqueness in terms of their product promise, ingredients, packaging design, the history of their founders, and proven success in their respective home markets. With our marketing and sales team, we are a competent and committed partner for our brands and work with you to implement the agreed sales and distribution targets. Our PR and social media team also works in constant contact with our brands to launch the latest global campaigns in the DACH market at the same time.

B2B Shop

In order to improve our customer service, we have launched our new B2B E-Commerce customer portal.
The aim is to offer our retail customers the same information and ordering options from our unique brand portfolio that they are familiar with in person from the B2C sector. With this e-commerce solution, many of our customers will be able to process purchases even more efficiently than before, in addition to using EDI. Convenience here means Real-time customer service,
24/7 product availability and purchase price viewing online, easiest checkout via smartphone, tablet, or desktop, offering multiple payment methods, and also comprehensive information about product news and brands.

The Logistics

Our logistics department is responsible for the functioning of the entire supply chain. Worldwide collection from our suppliers and Europe-wide delivery to retailers (B2B) and consumers (B2C) is managed by us via our own warehouse operation in Hamburg. In addition, we offer our brand partners various and far-reaching logistics concepts regarding B2B and B2C fulfillment in Europe plus tax representation – see also Fulfillment.