Four generations, three sisters, one farm - tradition meets innovation.

At Le Prunier, everything is based on the plum. The Californian beauty label was founded by sisters Jacqueline, Allison, and Elaine Taylor.
who grew up on the world’s largest organic plum farm, north of Sacramento. Together with two renowned laboratories, they have been able to prove that the fruit, which originally comes from Asia, is a true superfood and also has a very special beauty effect. In Western Asia, it has been called the ‘fruit of life’ for centuries.

// KEY FACTS:  Founded in 2017  Origin USA/ Kalifornien   SKUs 70+  Price range € 30,– to € 119,– 




Founded in 1916, we are a brand, a family and a farm that is redefining the industry through
innovative practices and an unwavering commitment to sustainability and clean beauty.

Jacqueline, Allison & Elaine Taylor, Co-Founders