From Paris



The KERZON Family embodies an equal measure of pleasure, responsibility and efficiency. Inspired by the scents of their family home, memories of travel and their passion for craftsmanship, the brotherly duo, Etienne and Pierre-Alexis, gave birth to KERZON to unite a family of friends and partners and share their values.


A sincere desire to create simple, authentic and long-lasting products has given rise to a range of natural products that embellish the home and care for your laundry and body on a daily basis. At every stage of production, KERZON is committed to environmental and social issues by promoting French savoir faire and supporting collaboration with social inclusion and equal opportunities institutions.


In Breton, "KER" refers to home, a place where one feels comfortable, and "ZON" refers to the house.

Etienne und Pierre-Alexis Founders, KERZON