From London



In 1989, entrepreneur, investor and co-founder Linda Steiner had a dream to formulate a range “as close to nature as possible” without cutting costs. In 1990, ELEMIS was founded in London, UK. Today, ELEMIS is the UK’s No.1 leading luxury skincare brand. Each breakthrough formula is an innovative blend of science and nature’s chemistry, developed by a specialist team of scientists and skincare experts.


ELEMIS uses the most effective biological active ingredients found “above and below” the earth’s surface. The skin care products are unique: the British company pays attention to every detail, develops pioneering formulas and ensures results that really make a difference.

Learning, travelling, creating, sharing knowledge and always moving forward without standing still - these are the things that are always most important to us.

Séan HarringtonCo-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, ELEMIS