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After suffering severe burns as a child, Dr Harold Lancer became convinced that restoration is always the best way to maintain beautiful skin. He also follows this philosophy in his skin clinic and celebrity hotspot on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. To make his knowledge available to everyone, he developed his own skincare line. Every routine is based on “The Method” and includes exfoliation, cleansing and care and simply makes the skin look younger.


Dr. Lancer is a luminary in the field of anti-ageing and was awarded the prestigious “Hollywood Beauty Award” for his exceptional skin understanding and commitment. The results of “The Method” speak for themselves: 100% of respondents agreed that their skin felt softer, 98% that their skin looked nourished and 96% that their uneven skin looked much better.

I trust Dr. Lancer as my all-knowing skin care guru. Dr. Lancer and his products are perfection.

Kim KardashianUS-American entrepreneur, reality TV star, influencer, model and actress