From Ireland



The multi-award-winning label is based in Kildare, southwest of Dublin. But its roots lie in India. In the family of co-founder Sonia Deasy, the profession of medicine man is a tradition. With pestle and mortar – which gave the Irish line its name – herbal medicines are still produced today, in the 6th generation. With this spirit, Sonia developed a range with selected formulas and a clear philosophy: all products must be uncomplicated and suitable for every skin type, free from chemicals and ingredients that are harmful to the skin.


The products are  cuelty-free, free from harmful ingredients, suitable for all skin types and highly effective. The active ingredients contained in the complete PESTLE & MORTAR range are not used more than once. When you use the products as a complete skincare system, you layer the active ingredients and thus care for your skin much more efficiently than if you were to apply active ingredients twice.

At PESTLE & MORTAR, we believe that everyone is beautiful. Our mission is to enhance and preserve this natural beauty.

Sonia DeasyFounder, PESTLE & MORTAR