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Tina Craig launched BagSnob, one of the first US fashion blogs, in 2005 and was part of the influencer avant-garde invited to front fashion shows. As a busy agency owner, consultant and stylist, she wanted to systematically simplify her 13-item grooming routine without sacrificing impact. Over the years, she developed the unique care hybrid, which is a toner, vitamin cocktail, serum and hyaluron booster at the same time, refines the skin’s appearance and revitalises damaged cells.


The patent-pending SIREN capsule technology makes it possible to target important anti-ageing ingredients to the skin. The SIRENS treat stressed skin by attracting damage-causing free radicals like a magnet. By localising critical active ingredients to damaged skin and keeping them away from healthy-looking skin, the products deliver transformative, clinically-proven improvements.

In my culture, having good skin means having self-love and a sense of confidence. U BEAUTY is self-confidence in a bottle.

Tina CraigFounder, U BEAUTY